Vilnius vocational training school of railway and business services seeks to be modern, apply innovative teaching methods, change good experience with colleagues, motivate students to gain practise abroad and become qualified specialists. According to the reasons mentioned before, our institution actively participates in various local, national and international projects. Information about our project is given below.



Realized projects:


  • Creation of sectoral practical training centre for railway transport specialists
  • Creation and installation of internal vocational training quality systems in vovactional training institutions in Vilnius district
  • Applicability of IT innovations in vocational training process
  • Activity and possibilities of computer and office equipment operator in tourism sector
  • The mobility activities for teachers in educational medium in Baltic States
  • Contact seminar „Linking VET to market needs“
  • Creation and applicability of combined innovative teaching system
  • Quality management in vocational training schools in EU
  • Improvement of competencies of IT teachers in Multimedia specialists teaching area
  • Influence of social dialogue to teaching quality
  • Identification and assessment of competencies at working place gained during educational process of students from initial vocational training
  • E-teaching and E-learning
  • Expansion of mobility through enterprise learning
  • Peculiarities of teacing students with special needs in France and Italy, trying to reach full intergration of these students to healthy society
  • Adaptation of modular teaching programme of computer and office equipment operator speciality
  • Improvement of Professional competencies of specialists from Transport services and logistic sector in Germany
  • Creation and development of career education and monitoring in general and vocational education (I stage)
  • I choose health
  • Let‘s create more beautiful tommorow



At the moment we are realizing these projects:


  • Usage of interactive methods in teaching and learning
  • Synergy of employers and vocational training teaching qualified workers from logistics and transport sector
  • Improvement of Professional competenciens of specialits from railway sector
  • Let‘s gain practice abroad
  • Experience of innovative teaching methods in the EU contex
  • Innovative teaching methods in vocational training
  • Improvement of professonal skills of IT students in Europe
  • Creation and testo of teaching material of modular teaching programmes to transport sector
  • Improvement of practical skills in Europe


If you would like to get more information about Vilnius vocational training school of railway and business services, or you are interested in common future projects and cooperation, please contact


Project manager

Dovile Sliuzelyte

Phone: +370 5 262 8931

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